– Cost of living is much cheaper than many other holiday destinations ( Between one fifth and one third of that of the UK)

– Turkey has low property taxes and the bills depend on usage

– Summer season lasts from March to November, mild climate is effective in Coastal Areas.

– With it’s rich culture, deep-rooted history and endless coastline Turkey has something for everyone.

– Turkey has one of the world’s most fastest growing economies. And it is endeavouring to be a member of European Union

– Property Purchasing Procedure is easier than many other European Countries

– You can resold or rent your property via agencies

– Property prices are reasonable

– You can make good investment by buying a property or land

– Turkish People are very friendly and helpful towards their neighbours


– We have 10 years experience in real-estate sector.

– Our local registered estate agent carry out all legal works and registrations for you

– We provide a host of after sales services ensuring peace of mind.

– We organize inspection trips for all our customers individually, show them the areas ( Fethiye, Ovacık, Hisarönü, Çalış, Üzümlü ).

– Our English mortgage company may help you about financial transactions

– And our English speaking solicitor will guide you through all process

–  We are a member of Chamber of Real Estate Agencies

– We work with local, experienced building companies in order to ensure the confidence

– You will find the right property in the right place with reasonable prices