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The biggest difficulty for a traveller is to understand expenses that are waiting for him on holidays.
For those, who are planning to visit Turkey and stay in Fethiye (or other towns around) we prepared brief analysis of the prices.

So, we will begin from the main point of the day in Turkey – from breakfasts.

Traditional country breakfast in Turkey – special ritual and all the best friends and relatives are invited to share the table. That is why almost all the restaurants and cafes are serving traditional turkish breakfast.
But you can easily find british breakfast in Fethiye, as there are a lot of british people on holidays.

Турецкий завтрак

What is included in turkish breakfast and how much it costs? There will be a lot of small plates with olives, cheese, butter, kaymak, sauces. Breakfast is served with fresh, marinated vegetables, eggs in a hot traditional pan and a lot of different turkish baked goods. Turkish finished breakfast by eating sweets with tea, so there will be a few jams, honey, tahini and pekmez (carob), nuts and dried apricots.

Breakfast in Turkey it is a good possibility to chat with your friends and start day from positive moment. You can find very nice restaurants in Fethiye for breakfast, even with the tables on a beach. In one of such places we made picture below.
Breakfast in such places costs around 10 USD per person.

 Завтрак в Фетхие

Turkish people like to have a breakfast on nature. That is why it is possible to have meal not only on beaches but in national parks. For example, YakaPark in Fethiye is a good possibility to eat in shadow of old trees, among waterfalls.

 Якапарк в Фетхие

We would like to share prices for different kind of breakfast (and not only breakfast) in the popular restaurants of Fethiye.

Цены в Фетхие 2016

To summarize:

  • turkish breakfasts costs from 16-30 TL, depends on place.
  • Full english breakfast – 12 TL.
  • Different toasts – 9-12 TL.
  • Sandwiches 10-17 TL.
  • Omelettes 8 – 13 TL
  • Tea 1-2 TL
  • Ayran 2-3 TL